Nico, Micky, Lütti and Benni are professional footballers who played successfully as professionals in the German league for years. However, now, in their thirties, they are not signed to a club. During the summer, they train with the Players’ Association, in Duisburg, along with other unemployed players. During friendlies, they give it their all to get a contract and go back home with it under their arm. As time passes, the pressure to find a club increases. In the process, fans, the media, rivals and sometimes their own families allow the shadow of failure to fall on the players. This battle to find a place to play is a desperate fight to regain self-confidence and their own identity as players. When an agent offers them the chance to play for a club in Vietnam, the four players are hesitant to accept what seems like a last chance, knowing that putting that club on their CVs would probably seal the end of their careers in Europe.

  • Director:
    Mehdi Benhadj-Djilali
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  • Duration:
    98 minutes